We would like to inform you about the generator test for anyHost Datacenter

    A good preventive maintenance program preserves assets, keeps things running in optimum condition, avoids both long and short term losses and helps insure that maximum life expectancy is achieved.
    So Generator tests are one of the key approaches in the preventive maintenance program.
    With this test all functions of the power system will be tested under load including alerting and automatic re-fueling.
    We expect no degradation of power in the anyHost Datacenter.

    This test affect only one of the two power networks:

    Activities Type:
    [x] Preventive Maintenance Activities
    [ ] Other Activities

    * Generatortest with Datacenter load Powernetwork A

    * anyHost Datacenter

    Outage risk:
    [ ] expected impact for customer
    [x] no expected impact

    If expected impact:

    Maintenance window:

    * Date: 2016-01-16 08:00-10:00

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    anyHost Datacenter
    TOC (Technical Operation Center)