Maintenance program for the anyHost Datacenter

    We would like to inform you about the preventive maintenance program for
    2023 at the anyHost Datacenter. A good preventive maintenance
    program preserves assets, keeps things running in optimum condition,
    avoids both long and short term losses and helps insure that maximum
    life expectancy is achieved. So this tests are one of the key approaches
    in the preventive maintenance program.

    We will test the following components:
      * Cooling
      * Power
      * Security / Fire
      * Environmental Monitoring

    All tests are executed in the way that no degradation of service is
    expected. We will ensure that the tests are not executed at the
    beginning or ending of a month (financial freeze).

    14.01.2023   Generator Test with Load from Powernetwork A
    18.01.2023   Biannual Test
    15.02.2023   Generator Test without Load
    15.02.2023   Monthly Test
    15.03.2023   Generator Test without Load
    15.03.2023   Monthly Test
    12.04.2023   Monthly Test
    15.04.2023   Generator Test with Load from Powernetwork B
    15.04.2023   Revision Masterpact NW Powernetwork B
    09/10..05.2023   Annual Test CTA USV
    09.05.2023   Masterpact USV Leistungstrenner
    10.05.-12.05.2023   Annual Test Tyco Brand, Inergen und
    15.05.2023   Annual Test Meier-Toble
    17.05.2023   Generator Test without Load
    17.05.2023   Monthly Test
    14.06.2023   Annual Test Bimex
    14.06.2023   Annual Hörmann Tor
    14.06.2023   Generator Test without Load
    14.06.2023   Monthly Test
    21.06.2023   Annual Test Condair Humidifier
    12.07.2023   Biannual Test
    15.07.2023   Generator Test with Load from Powernetwork A
    15.07.2023   Revision Masterpact NW Powernetwork A
    16.08.2023   Generator Test without Load
    16.08.2023   Monthly Test
    13.09.2023   Generator Test without Load
    13.09.2023   Monthly Test
    18.10.2023   Monthly Test
    14.10.2023   Generator Test with Load from Powernetwork B
    15.11.2023   Generator Test without Load
    15.11.2023   Monthly Test
    13.12.2023   Generator Test without Load
    13.12.2023   Monthly Test